How I got 3000 Hits on my Website in a Matter of Minutes

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Blog, Content Creation, Marketing, Social Media

Trying to get yourself noticed nowadays in a sea of business owners preaching the same stuff over and over is a challenge that you might be struggling to overcome.

How can you get yourself to stand out from the crowd and drive people to your website?

Well, one way that worked well for me was Blogging.

Not  for the shy retiring type, but blogging can be a great way to allow your current customers and potential customers, to get to know YOU.

Blogging is your thoughts on paper; this could be about a particular subject, topic or political agenda (if you’re feeling brave enough)

In 2014 the government decided that it was going to BAN agents from charging tenant fees, this was a Friday and they said they would ban it on the Tuesday (four days later). By Monday, I couldn’t believe there was no retort to this from the professional sector, from my industry or in the agents defence, it was all quiet, were they really prepared to sit back
and just allow this to happen? I decided to take matters into my own hands and write a blog about this subject, detailing all the concerns agents have to address to protect their tenants as well as their landlords, the costs involved and the level of work this entailed. The results were to be honest, quite frightening! In just one hour, this blog on our webpage had over 3,000 hits, it was being shared across the UK at a phenomenal rate, I was being contacted by journalists, industry leaders, TV and Radio for comment, etc. It actually resulted in some pretty high level appointments for me, why?

Because I had shared my OPINION and it resonated with MY community hard.

This now forms part of our ‘Getting Yourself in the News’ strategy and how you can ride the wave of any HOT news that is out there and our ‘R.E.A.C.H. Out Explosion Content’ formula on how to create content that EXPLODES!

Think about what your clients want to read and start there. At first you may be a bit nervous, but as time goes on and people start to comment on your blog, you will grow in confidence. Your blog will be shared by other people who help you to get your word out there. Then, when you become an authority on your subject, your blogs will get linked to by other larger, better known sites which will really help your website traffic too.

Be careful here though, if you are a very controversial, argumentative character this one is probably left alone unless you are prepared to handle the fall out that comes from it.

Initially choose your platform, are you going to add a blog to your website and draw people in there or are you going to have a ‘blogger’ account separately? The choice is yours, but decide what your plan is, why you are doing it and where you want your readers to go once they have read your article.

Get going! Around 500 – 800 words is long enough, some are much shorter than this, but the key is to pick topics your clients are interested in, and get going, the rest will come as you grow in confidence.

If you’d like to find out how to structure your blog, why not download our Boomerang Blog Headlines video for FREE to get you going? You can access it HERE.