Building Your Online Authority Part 3 of 5

by | Sep 2, 2016 | Blog, Content Creation, Marketing, Social Media

Right, so you’ve built up your social media profile, updated your twitter account, started interacting with people on Facebook and started to build up your external validation. (Check out blog posts one and two for more on this!). 

But what else can you do to expand your online authority?

You need to have something to post about. Something that adds value to your audience, rather than simply spamming them with offers. 

That’s where CONTENT is king. It’s how the public get to know what you’re focusing on, what you’re passionate about and concerned about in your industry and then they can really start to relate to you.

It can literally be in the form of anything you like but bang some content out there. I often find myself writing content on my iphone when I’m in between speaking events or even once on the beach. I’d had a lovely relaxing holiday in Sardegna but whilst waiting for the plane, I cracked out 4 or 5 blogs and sent them over to my marketing manager. Nothing like 5 brand new blogs landing in her inbox to truly say I’m back!

The important thing to remember here is that you want to add value. Commentate on key changes on your industry, and share your opinion. Now it goes without saying that if your target audience is from Liverpool and you start writing content about the failures of Liverpool Fc, it’s not going to go down well but having a voice about a particular issue will resonate with your audience and they will feel like they can relate to you.

So what other content can you write? Well here’s a few ideas: 

   Chunk down some of your expertise. If you’re a letting agent, don’t write a blog on being a letting agent and be done with it,  if you are looking to attract landlords, write about stuff they are interested in, like choosing a great tenant, the new immigration Act rules or how to handle arrears Hone in on a particular subsection, not everything you need to know to be a successful landlord, it too high level.

  Create videos that give an insight into your business. Gary V does this incredibly well with DailyVee (Check it out HERE).  

 Comment on articles you’ve read or changes in your industry and make your voice known.

 Answer some key questions that your audience might have about a particular topic

Whatever you do, don’t focus on your content being perfect. There are blog articles out there from four or five years ago that literally make me cringe at the mere thought of them. But they are out there. They were engaging, they were relevant and they helped build my online authority. 

So here’s a challenge for you. Focus on creating some content in between this week and next week’s post and get it out there. Write a blog, create a video, share an article or audio file. Do something that your audience can start to consume and enjoy for free.

Stay tuned for my next blog post where I’ll be sharing the crème de la crème of content with you.

Ps – This blog is part 3 of a 5 part series  – if you haven’t read the first two yet, you can access part one HERE and part two HERE.