Building Your Online Authority Part 5 of 5

by | Sep 16, 2016 | Blog, Content Creation, Marketing, Social Media


I want you to think about your industry for a moment. Who is the person that you look up to? That serves as someone to aspire to or as the expert?

Keep that person in mind. WHY do you look up to them? For me, my ultimate hero is Gary Vaynerchuk. He went from $3 million company to a $60 million business in just 5 years and he’s the founder of the world’s hottest digital agencies. He knows what he’s talking about and he’s built a community of raving fans, that believe in what he teaches.

That’s exactly what you need to do too. Above everything else, being someone’s hero or champion is the last part of the puzzle. I’ve told you how important it is to get yourself out there, build your online profile and create content but the one thing that ties it all together is your positioning in the community.

You want to become that champion in your industry. It will help you rise above the competition and give you the positioning you need both online AND offline to explode your business.

But how do you become that champion?

It’s really important that you understand the wants and needs of your target market and become the voice of your industry.

Stand up for what you believe in and express your beliefs. Point out what’s wrong, and advocate for changes. Challenge the status quo when it needs to be challenged and share information about your industry.

If you really want to build your online authority, your audience have got to believe in you. They’ve got to agree with you, feel like you’re putting their message across and resonate with what you’re saying.

Now, bear in mind that not everyone will like what you’re saying. There are always going to be people that disagree with you. That’s life. It shouldn’t stop you from standing up for what you believe in and expressing your opinions.

Becoming the peoples’ champion is crucial in building your authority. Bring your community together and you’ll find that you will start to create a group of loyal followers who will look out for what you have to say, buy from you and support you

Create that following and your online authority will start to explode. People will comment on what you have to say, because you’re dealing with issues that are close to both your heart and theirs.

Become their voice, share with them and build that community. It will make a difference I promise you and it’s my final piece of advice for build your authority online.  On our Jumpstart days, we share with our delegates tonnes of techniques they can use to complement the 5 key things I’ve shared with you here, including a tried and tested Facebook Fan Formula which will help you build up your profile – why not come along to the next one? – Head on over to to find out more.