Using Content Creation to DRIVE traffic to your website

by | May 12, 2016 | Blog, Content Creation, Marketing

How do you make yourself stand out against your competition when you’re all doing the same job and promoting the same product and service? 

You know you offer a better service or product than your competitors but the question remains… How do you get your message out there in a sea of sameness? 

The problem you have is that it is very difficult to craft a unique message, or at least one that will be believed, and there is nothing worse than a company shouting about how they are much better than anyone else, (they would say that wouldn’t they).  The consumer actually has to use other investigative skills to identify or choose the company to go to.

So if you are a consumer and you see 4 agents all shouting we are the best in X, Y and Z, we offer exceptional service, we are the most professional etc… what matrix do they use? It comes down to price normally, as in their mind they are comparing like for like, and you end up in a bidding war.

But there is a way you could put a stop to that problem, and even better, it will cost you NOTHING, absolutely nothing, and everything you need is already in your head… use your KNOWLEDGE.

Forget trying to TELL them you are the best, start to SHOW them. 

Become the person in your industry locally that shares, educates, informs the market on recent changes, helps solve issues, gives hints and tips, to make their lives easier.

It takes a bit of practice, but once you have got the process sussed, the results are phenomenal. 

You will need to build up your online and social media presence to get the ball rolling, but once your content is out there, it will start to get a life of its own, and the results will astound you. 

So here are a few things you can do right away to get going on this zero cost marketing authority building strategy:

    1. Make a list of the issues faced by your market right now, what worries them, what questions do they ask you, what are they concerned about
    2. Then write another list of how you could advise them to solve those problems, educate the or tips to consider or even what they need to know about the local market
    3. Then write some content around that, a blog article, make a video, start a conversation on social media about it and share your content out there, put it on the bottom of your emails, on your website, on your social media channels
    4. Then repeat regularly


When constructing your content, in whatever format you prefer, makes sure it solves one of three elements initially, it needs to be either:

  • Educational
  • Informative
  • Entertaining

Now assuming you’re not really into entertainment in the property industry, (although this is the strategy used by many in the entertainment industry today) the best option for us as business people, is therefore generally “Educational Content” or “Information” Think about the habits of the person that is likely to land on your page, what are they looking, for, what concerns them, what do they need to know then quite simply, you create content around that subject.

At the moment there is so many changes going in legislation, taxation and process, which means that there is lots to choose from, you could write about legislation changes, local issues, the economy in your town or local issues of concern, whichever you choose its guaranteed to get a lot more interest than your blurb about your team for attracting people to your website.

Once you have got into the habit of writing blogs or making videos, whichever you decide, then you will also need to really get into developing your social media strategy so that you can really get your content out there, get it found and in front of your target market, the ones that matter, who will hopefully share and like it etc. making it spread far and wide.

Using these methods we have generated over 3,500 visitors to our website in just one day, and this was done by writing a piece of content that was on a subject that was “hot” and in the news, then posting it on the same day for maximum effect. On a more regular basis, using the same combination of content and social media, we are completely filling physical seminars events every month, by driving traffic to our web pages, for them to book online, so the possibilities are endless if you get it right.

So the lesson here is, that it is not SEO that we need on our website, it is utilising the already VAST knowledge and experience that we have in our heads, use it to create GREAT content and the customers will come.

Sally Lawson is a #1 Best Selling Author, International Award Winning Speaker and a high level marketer, with a huge interest in social media, and trains agents UK wide on how to promote their businesses by “Turning EXPERTISE into PROFIT”. Sally and her co directors Karen Mills and Neil Martin AKA #JuiceJunkie run a series of workshops called Expert Elevator Jumpstart and to find out more about this and other modern marketing methods visit

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