Do you REALLY know what social media is? Consider these three points…

by | Feb 17, 2017 | Blog, Content Creation, Marketing, SEO, Social Media

You’ll hear it from marketing experts across the world – and you’ll definitely hear it from us – that social media is the future of advertising.

We live in a world where figures like beauty blogger Tanya Burr and fitness guru Joe Wicks are the new business moguls, with millions of followers across multiple platforms. With this in mind, many businesses have gone blindly into creating Facebook accounts and Youtube channels, mass transferring all of their marketing onto their feeds, only to find their customers haven’t followed them there and that no new leads are coming through.

“It’s a fad”, they’ll say, “it’ll be outdated in 10 years’ time”. This might be true, but while it is the go-to-platform for marketing – and many other things besides – it’s best that you learn to use it properly. So, how do you use social media to market your business successfully?

1) Change your content.
The number one reason why so many businesses fall flat on social media is because they’ve not acknowledged how different social networks are to other marketing platforms. Your customer base may not be watching television or reading newspapers any more, but that doesn’t mean you can put the same materials on your feeds and blogs and expect it to work the same way. If you upload a traditional 2-minute advert on Youtube, the customer can pause it, click off, and maybe leave a critical comment. Be aware of how the platforms work and adapt.

2) Change your tone.
Consumers no longer respond to the corporate speak that you’d find in the television and newspaper adverts of yesteryear. They are wise to the tricks of old school marketing and want you to earn their custom. These days, you need to be more personal and tap into the issues and interests of your ideal customers. Show your face and share content that your customers can identify with and prove that you understand what your customer wants. They’re more likely to keep following you, spread the word about you, and enquire themselves about buying from you.

3) Change your goal.
If there’s one thing that will put off a customer, it’s a hard sell. Your goal can’t be a two-step process of generating the lead and making the sale. Ironically, if you want to sell on social media, you need to be less of a seller. Social media wasn’t invented to be a marketing platform – think of it as a digital version of the pub or a café. Engage with customers if you want them to go through your business model. Respond to their comments, link posts to blogs or videos you’ve created, and offer trials and discounts.

The world of marketing is about the customer more than ever. They have more power than ever in deciding the success of a marketing campaign, indeed they are often the power source behind them. If your marketing strategy is going to work on social media, you need to keep of the ‘social’ aspect at the forefront of your mind.

We understand that making marketing content that works on social media can be a bit of a minefield. If you’d like to know more about where to start, you can pick up some helpful tips in our free guides – including Twitter START, Boomerang Blog Builder and Modern Marketing – to kickstart your social media strategy.

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