How to engage with the lifeblood of your business: your current database

by | Nov 11, 2016 | Blog, Content Creation, Marketing

It’s a fact – so many businesses are just not doing this well enough. Your current customers are the foundation of your business, the people who have already invested in what you have to offer. It’s all well and good focusing on bringing in new leads and sales, but if you forget the foundations, the people who are either providing you with ongoing revenue, or are loyal customers, you’d be making a big mistake.

I’d go as far as to say that staying connected to your current and past customers is one of the main things you should be thinking about, daily. As business owners it’s easy to become blinded by searching for new business – we’ve all been there, myself included. When it comes down to it, we could all be doing more to engage with our list, and to keep ourselves at the forefront of their mind. We need to present ourselves as both the expert in our field, and the go-to for what we have to offer.

A good way of looking at it would be to think back to the time you were on the receiving end of poor customer service. You might have had an issue with a product or service you had purchased, but no matter how hard you tried to get it resolved, you were either ignored, or pushed from pillar to post. It wasn’t a two-way relationship.

But I’m not here to talk about good customer service, but more so, for you to remember the frustration you might have felt if you ever experienced this. Being ignored is probably the worst part, and we all know that once this has happened, there’s no looking back. Your trust is damaged, and you’re almost certain to place that trust elsewhere.

It’s so important to give your current customers the attention they deserve. Ensure they’re engaged and provide them with valuable content. No, you might not be having to handle a complaint, but if you’re taking their custom for granted, and not providing them with any value or communication, don’t be too surprised if you don’t retain their custom. Your position as the leader in your field won’t be certain.

Retaining your customers is crucial to keeping the cogs moving in your business.

When it comes to engaging with our current and past customers, ongoing communication is the answer.These people had the confidence to invest in you at least once, and would do again, if they’re reminded of you, and feel connected to you as the expert. If you’re not around, or not invested in establishing a relationship with them, you’re missing a trick. You’re putting your customers at risk of becoming one hit wonders.

Our resident expert marketer Emma, discussed database segmentation in last week’s Elite Room’s session. When it comes to formulating an engagement plan for your customers, you don’t want to be blanketing them all with the same message – you’ll want to target specific groups, whether that be your prospects, current or past customers.

Your current customers are the people you should be engaging with right now. I don’t mean an automated set of emails pushing for an upsell either. It’s more about providing quality-driven, valuable content that will position you at the forefront of your field – and in the forefront of their minds.

Sending out one, valuable engagement email on a weekly basis will show both your current and past customers that you’re invested in providing them with value. These emails can centre around a variety of topics – relevant news stories, advancements in your business or even a simple push to an article your list would find interesting.

Now dig a bit deeper. Think about asking for feedback on your product/ services, or inviting your current customers to join an online community. Send them to valuable videos, or a regularly updated blog. Give them opportunities to voice their opinions and be interested in what they have to say.

Build their trust and they will never leave you.

You could offer exclusive discounts or upsells to your current customers, or retarget past customers with something similar. A three-step automated email campaign, that both engages, but also introduces an offer is a great way of doing this.

(Automation, by the way, is a life saver.)

What you don’t want to do is bombard your list with sales messages, no customer wants that. I’ve seen it happen too many times – a mismanaged database, or too much engagement will make you appear spammy and can have the opposite effect to what you’re aiming for.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You just need to make sure that your customer’s journey is mapped out properly, and the processes are in place for you to keep them in the loop, and actively engaged with you.

Because if you don’t, I promise you – someone else WILL.

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