How to write GREAT content… That BOOMERANGS

by | Oct 12, 2016 | Blog, Content Creation, SEO

Having read the news on one otherwise normal Friday, it stated that on the following Tuesday the fees known in our industry as tenant fees were going to be banned from being charged. This meant as much as 25% of many letting agents income would be lost in just under one week! At its worst, this could push many agents into bankruptcy, due to the such short notice, with no time to make appropriate changes or force agents to increase landlords fees (which would result in an increase in rent for tenants) either way, this was BAD NEWS for my industry in all directions,

I could see that my fellow letting agents were angry, commenting on social media, and no one in power, seemed to be doing anything about it… Or even so much as commenting!

I realised, that I was the one, the one that had to say something… This was wrong and the alternative argument had be heard, they were saying that as an industry we were charging high fees in exchange for “photocopying a piece of paper”

I quickly penned a blog, all about the extensive amount of work required to let a property, and how much of that was work, required through legislation, to keep the tenant safe, and to stay compliant, I discussed the pain that would be felt bt agents, landlords and ultimately how the tenants would end up paying with increased rents, and shortages of supply of accommodation.

The article was written with passion, it described the pain of my audience and our clients, it discussed my feelings as to the proposed changes, beliefs and utilising my experience, explained why it was wrong…

The article went viral…

Over 3000 hits on my website in just one hour, my Twitter & Facebook exploded, I was asked for interviews, on radio, by journalists, and asked to join focus groups to campaign against this, all from one article… But more importantly for me, I became the agents voice at that very important time, when they were experiencing FEAR.

All great content has one common denominator, and that is that it makes the reader, listener, watcher “feel” something because it relates to them, it describes their pain, or a pleasure they seek, and it does so with passion.

So how does a content writer, make sure their content includes all of these things?

The first thing to remember when writing any piece of content is that the reader, has feelings, wishes and desires, plus things they want to get away from or that they fear, so you need to identifying what these are and describing them to your reader, so that you are talking their words to them.

For example, a small us invests owner, may desire more income and hence more leads, but HATE networking, so if you were targeting this guy, you would focus on helping avoid what he HATES doing, explaining the problems and issues with this activity, but then give him the solution that he will enjoy, giving examples he can relate to, and understand. so in this scenario, it would be perhaps, how outsourcing his marketing can free up his time and head…

If you are aiming at a client avatar that feels passionately about something, then this can also be a great motivator, a lot of the charities and equal rights charities, use passion in their text, and this writing will certainly appeal to those that share the same views, but this can be used in business writing too as explained in my first paragraphs, but let me explain one key way this can be used.

A key tip, I use is to look for legislative changes within my industry (Lettings) and look for how this will affect my clients, how does this make them feel, what are they saying about it on facebook and twitter too. All is information I would use to create my blogs, videos, downloads, I would share, their pains, desires and passions around what is right or wrong about the subject, to real help them connect with my content piece and me.

So the thing to remember is that in every piece of content, you create, There are three key buttons that you needs to learn how to press in every article:

• Pain
• Pleasure
• Passion

So to do this, you really need to understand who your avatar is and what they are hoping for, what are they fearful of and what makes them emotional…

You cannot always get in all 3, but before putting pen to paper, or pressing record, just take a second to think… Am I solving these avatar needs?

Sally Lawson

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