What’s the One Lead Generation Strategy that Business Owners Are Too Lazy to Do?

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Blog, Marketing, Social Media

One of the key strategies I used to grow my business, is also the one most feared by business owners.


I know when you decided to read this blog that you were hoping Networking wasn’t the answer. It’s much easier to sit behind your computer and try and send a couple of emails. You don’t end up making a fool of yourself that way (well not in public anyway).

I’m not saying networking is actually going to solve everything for you.

Networking can be a complete waste of time. Nothing is worse than going to a room full of business owners hoping to make new connections and listening to the person who decides to tell you their whole life history.

But done right, networking can be so, so useful. I went to an event recently, and sold 15 tickets to one of my jumpstart sessions. 15. To a room of 20. Not bad right?

It’s all about making a regular commitment to get out there any promote your business.

I promise you, it will make you look differently at your business, how you do things, the services you offer, how they are received and how others promote their businesses too.

A good networker will generate lots of business, bringing in new and fresh clients every single month.


Firstly, pick your events. There are business networking events, usually in the mornings but also sector specialized events where you might find potential clients. Whatever you feel is best suited to your location and client need.

Once you’ve zoned in on the events you want to attend, you need to think about your approach. A good networker will perfect his or her craft by knowing:

  • How to listen (and politely excuse yourself when needed!)
  • How to identify the “key” sexy elements of their business and put this into a 60 second explanation so as not to bore the other person)
  • How to come up with new and refreshing ways to put their business out there evert week
  • When to talk about themselves and when to make it all about the person they’re talking to

Good networking goes beyond this too, it is about keeping in touch with your new contacts, getting to know them and keeping your promises, etc. It’s a bit like farming, sow the seeds and nurture them so that you can reap the rewards in the future.

This all sounds like hard work. Yes it’s not easy, but by utilising some of the more modern methods, networking can be made a lot easier. Since when was business supposed to be easy? If it was, everyone would be doing it, right?

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