How to Pick Your Fight and Become the Local’s Champion

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Marketing

If you truly are an expert in your field and there is a particular issue that your clients are facing in your area, then why not stand up and be counted?

If you were to stand up against the council, government, regulators in some way against an anti industry proposal, wouldn’t that be great exposure for you and your company? You see, most of the other companies are so wrapped up in doing what they normally do (getting what they’ve always got) to get involved, so why not be different?

Why not stand out?

In 2015, when Liverpool council decided they were going to bring in licensing for EVERY single house in the whole of Liverpool our franchisee, Steve Latham, thought this was unfair. A £500 fee and huge amount of paperwork for every property that was rented was an unnecessary burden on the property community and looked like a fee income generator only for the local council.

He took them on – head on.

He gathered other agents, big landlords, market leaders, industry organisations and fought, threatening to take them to judicial review. As a result he saw over 1,000% increase in his landlord instructions to his business, what a result!

Although he didn’t win, he did manage to change a lot of the proposals that would have made the scheme unworkable and made himself very visible to his target market as a result.

This strategy takes courage and confidence and a strong voice, but who else is more qualified to do it than someone who has been in the industry for many years, working in the local community that is now being harassed or punished?

So if you have the courage – go for it!

Make a name for yourself as the ‘Peoples Champion.’

When you stand up to an oppressor normally the press will pick up on it. TV, radio, newspapers, you can get more publicity than you could afford in a year from such activity. However, be careful and manage this well. If you pick the wrong fight or are not as informed as you should be, it can turn the other way quickly. Do your research, be sure and be confident.

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