RIP SEO is Dead

by | Feb 12, 2016 | Blog, Content Creation, Marketing, SEO


Surely not, many companies are still spending thousands on SEO to DRIVE traffic to their websites, so it must still be valid?!


Ok, so think about it, if  that’s the case, how do modern marketers drive thousands and thousands of people to a single webpage within days of it being live, without any SEO whatsoever? They’re launching books, seminar profiles and businesses without a single penny or hour being spent on SEO…

What’s their secret?

I’ll tell you. It’s CONTENT.

Just think about what you search for when you’re playing on your tablet, phone or laptop… you’re probably searching for knowledge, top tips or “how to” videos and a video of “funny cats” to keep you interested in the evening.

Perhaps you’re looking for something to wear at a wedding or at the races. Chances are, you aren’t googling “Hat Shop Wolverhampton” but “What hat should I wear to a wedding?”.

Nowadays, the main sources for valuable leads to websites comes from good quality content. My son James worked with Google recently and he said SEO was pretty much a swear word in their office. It’s all about the content, about bringing people to your site because you have the answers to their problems, the solution they’re looking for. Once you’ve got them there, chances are they’ll look around your site and find out more about you.

I recently posted a video explaining about some new legislation changes in the property industry, I made sure that the post went out on the same day the news was launched and as a result, my video, by being purely posted on my timeline on Facebook, achieved 6,800 views in just 7 days.

Another way to drive traffic to websites is via social media, and this is one that works particularly well for us, filling events every month from Facebook and twitter alone, physical events, with people coming from all over the country as a result, cost £ZERO.

Unfortunately though, it’s not that simple. Here are a few things to consider when using social media:

  • Research-Find out what your customers are searching for, what problems do they have and what answers do they need
  • Locate-Find out where your target market hang out, each of the platforms have different demographics and within each platform groups and communities, you need to be joining the right ones
  • What- Then decide HOW you are going to create the content you need, Articles, Videos, downloads etc
  • Create -Get creating, always consider that once you have created an article, you could turn that into a video or download too, to get the most value out of your creation
  • Share it – there is no point having great content, if you do not share it out to your target market, if it is good content your community will do the rest for you, they will re-post, re-tweet, share etc and it will get its own legs as a result.

Using these methods, I have seen some phenomenal results, including 3500 hits on a brand new book launch page in just 5 days from TWITTER alone, with an amazon best seller in just 3 days as a result too.

There are a few more tricks you can use to REALLY get your stuff out there, some Creative Headlines, References & WOW facts, News-jacking, Peoples Champion and Emotive Stories, but getting something out there is the first step to really starting to get your presence out there into the community.

Sally and her co directors Karen Mills and Neil Martin AKA #JuiceJunkie run a series of workshops called Expert Elevator Jumpstart and to find out more about this and other modern marketing methods visit