The 3 key elements a strong marketing strategy needs

by | Feb 10, 2017 | Content Creation, Marketing, SEO, Social Media

As Neil previously discussed in our last blog, the strength of a business is found in its branding. You have to ‘Claim Your Space‘ and create an image that shows potential customers in one glance why they should buy what you offer.

After building a solid brand that works across all platforms, the next logical step is to plan your marketing strategy. You need to think of the ways your brand can be turned into content and advertising that gets the message out there and brings the convertible leads in, but what exactly should that message be? How do you create the perfect marketing message that’s on brand and gets people engaging, sharing and taking action? Here are the key 3 things I believe you need to build a strong marketing strategy:

  • Focus on what your customer needs. The decision to purchase a product is emotive – if someone is going to purchase a product, they have to feel that they need it. Structure your marketing ideas to target what your ideal customers need:- Which problem of theirs would you solve?
    – Which goal of theirs would you help them to achieve?
    – Which desire of theirs do you appeal to?Once you have figured this out, you can craft your message to focus on these needs – these pain points – that will move them to buy what you’re selling. If you’re struggling to figure out the kind of customers who would buy your product, our Awesome Avatar Activator helps you map out your ideal customer and discover what their needs are.
  • Present the solution. Your message needs to explain how your product bridges the gap between where the customer is now and where they want to be.Sometimes it’s a simple solution, especially if the customer’s need is short-term:- Problem – The customer is hungry. They have a two-hour meeting soon.
    – Solution – Your snack bar contains a certain ingredient that keeps you fuller for longer.Sometimes, the solution isn’t so simple. Your product might not be an obvious vehicle for your customer to get where they want to be. This is where emotions come into play once again….There are six different emotions that trigger human behaviour towards an action. If your solution for a customer’s needs taps into at least one of these emotions, you should be able to craft a marketing message that works. They are:1. Certainty – the customer is made to feel confident in their decision and know it is correct.
    2. Newness – the customer is excited because they may have found what they have been looking for.
    3. Self-importance – the customer feels special and that they deserve to feel good.
    4. Connection – the customer feels this could bring them closer to family, friends or their partner.
    5. Growth – the customer believes the product could help them become better as a person in some way.
    6. Contribution – the customer believes they taken part in something meaningful that helps society.
  • Finally, you need to make it memorable. You have a great marketing message – it’s going to bring in the customers you want and will position you as an authoritative brand in the market – but the strategy breaks down if your team cannot stick to the message and stay on brand, or if the message is too limited to the point your business cannot grow and take in more customers in different locations or on different platforms. That’s why it needs to be memorable.There are two key characteristics to a memorable marketing strategy – it’s easy to understand and easy to communicate. Your message needs to be memorable so that every employee can sell it on the spot, and your customers can spread the word. As far as making it memorable, you can use catchy slogans, clever acrostics, alliteration, or even rhymes – poetic techniques work. Another key point to consider is how much information is in your message. On average, humans tend to split information into 3-7 parts in order to remember it, whether it’s a phone number or a presentation. Think about splitting the key points of your marketing message into 3-7 parts in order to give it a memorable structure (notice how this blog is split into 3 parts?).

These three key elements to building a strong marketing strategy what every business needs to think about if they want their brand to succeed. A message that your customer can relate to and spread makes marketing simple – it could almost write itself!

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