The Best Marketing Tool in Your Business?

by | Jan 27, 2017 | Blog, Content Creation, Marketing, SEO, Social Media | 0 comments

It’s no secret that the trick to marketing in the modern world is to get online, but a lot of online advertising isn’t actually that good.

Think of the marketing you normally see on the internet – banner ads, pop-ups, email after email spamming your inbox. How often do you honestly click on them, and on the off-chance you do, how often do you actually stay on the page thereafter? The chances are it’s not a high rate.

So, how do you spread the word? What kind of advertising do you need to create that can travel from site to site?

The best way to engage customers with your brand and capture their attention is by putting pen to paper – or rather fingers to keyboard. It’s all in the blog.

Everyone and their grandmother has a blog these days, covering the full range of human existence however mundane it appears to be, from make-up tutorials to macaroon recipes, travels guides to tractor reviews. It’s not a new phenomenon and undeniably a saturated market, which is an obstacle if your blog is a product… what if your blog was a tool instead?

The problem with typical online advertising is that it’s passive. There’s nothing there for the customer to take away and share. The beauty of a blog is that you’re giving the customers a chance to be active – they read, they learn, they comment, they share. In essence, the customers advertise for you!

Sounds great, right? So, how do you write a good blog?

Here are the key elements you need to think of when structuring a great blog post:

The average attention span of a web page visitor is 8 seconds. Keep that 8 second window in your mind when you write your headline. Restrict yourself to a 60 second character limit to help you keep the headline focused and think of the pain points of your reader. What kind of questions are they asking? What kind of problems do they have? Address it in the first line they see.

Make a list of 3-5 key points that you want to share and make good use of bullet points, numbering or even just short, sharp paragraphs. A well-structured blog does not look like a wall of text. Think about the popularity of listicles – “10 things you need to know…”, “The steps you need to take…” – and how they split up the text. This makes it easier for readers to follow and makes it easier for you to plan out your messages.

You’ll hear conversations about “Search Engine Optimisation” and “Pay-per-click”, but there’s no point getting your blog on the first page of a Google search if your content isn’t relevant. Your blog could reach an audience of millions and only be read by double figures if it’s not of interest. Keep your ear to the ground on updates and breakthroughs in your industry. If you strike at the right time with an informative, passionate blog about something that’s relevant right now, you won’t have to sit and hope that people will find it, because they will be looking for it.

A blog is the chance for you to show how passionate you are about what you do, and people love passion. They can trust passion, which means they can trust you. When you create solid, shareable content, that people can link on their social media accounts or even their own blogs, you’re giving your business substance and presence that can’t be taken away.

If you’re lacking confidence about entering the world of blogging, then not to worry! You can download our Boomerang Blog Builder video for headline ideas and some more clever tricks for creating the content that will get people coming back to you again and again.