Are you Using Your Expertise to Your Full Potential?

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Blog, Content Creation, Marketing, Social Media

They say you need to have done something for 10,000 hours to be an expert at something, so if you have worked in the industry for around five years you could be classified as such, but are you really using your expertise to your full potential?

The answer’s probably not, if you’re not creating content…

There’s a story I always tell about me sitting in a hotel room, sharing a video with over 20,000 people in literally minutes (if you haven’t heard this story, you can check it out HERE).

Since then, I’ve recorded every single presentation I’ve given and I now use these as video content items. They became my first content pieces, and what’s more they didn’t just become a single piece of content for me.

I’ve transcribed them, turned them into articles, blogs and downloads. Content doesn’t have to be complex, just think about what you’re already doing/saying or have around and you can probably create at least 5 pieces of content right now.  

Hang on… Why do I need to create content?

If you think logically for a second and consider, why do your customers come to you? Is it for your expertise in something?


 So what are you doing to show them that you are an expert?

Are you doing what everyone else is doing and putting on your website and adverts ‘20 years in the industry’, ‘EXPERTS in our eld’, etc? Great, you are telling them that you are an expert but the problem is, does anyone believe in adverts anymore?


So how can you get across that you are an expert without telling them?


The modern marketing phenomenon is ‘Content Creation’. All ahead of the game marketers will be doing this, creating valuable content that people want to read and consume, finding out where their clients pains are and giving them free products to solve that problem.

I’m writing this content in fact, in the hope that I can whet your appetite and that some of you reading it will want to work with me further, by attending a course, buying my book, join the membership site or the franchise, or maybe just spread the word.

Content Creation is the new SEO. This is what will drive people to your website not your #1 ranking on Google, and the beauty of this strategy is that you have everything that you need already in your head, you just need to get it down on paper or another format.

For example, you know elements about your business, the thing that many people ask questions about, and therefore, do not know the answer too; couldn’t you write a blog about this? Create an article, an e-book or downloadable product?

Of course you could, you could probably record a video of you talking about this or demonstrating it too. This is called ‘Content Creation’ and is the future of all marketing methods. Start by making a list of the key concerns your customers have and where you feel your expert knowledge is and then make a list.

Decide which format would be best to explain the answer to this problem and schedule in the production time. Unfortunately this method does require time, and lots of it, but if the adverts are not working what else are you going to do to drive business in?

Using this method will show your market that YOU are an expert without you having to actually tell them and this is powerful stuff when trying to beat the competition. It’s also a great way to add value to your current clients, therefore, giving back to them too.

Using social media to get your products out there will mean your content gets out to a far greater market place.

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